How to Make the Most Out of Your Event Attendance Software

Event organisers like you should look for a reliable event attendance software. This software can significantly help you in various processes like project management, registration, payment, and check-in. While a good event management software may have all the modules and functions you would need to host a successful event, it is important that you fully take advantage of it. Here are five tips for you to make the most out of your event management software.

Know the Software by Heart

A tool will remain insignificant unless you know how to use it. As such, it is important that you study the software properly and know its different capabilities. Most vendors would be willing to give you a demo on how the software works; make sure that you pay attention to the details. You may also consult a wiki or Q&A where you may find answers to your questions. Should you find reading materials unhelpful, call tech support and tell them what your concern is. Lastly, you may also acquaint yourself more with the topic of ems event management.

Integrate the Software with Other Solutions

A good event attendance software is scalable and can be integrated with other event technologies. For example, you can integrate ERP solutions like “SAP” and CRM systems like “SalesForce” into the software. By doing this, you will have better peace of mind because all your event management data is kept in one place. There’s no more need for you to simultaneously use different software and solutions. You can ask the vendor’s tech support team regarding integrations and how they can customise their software for you. Integrating the event management software with a registration software, for example, will help you with event sign up.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Analytics

When an event is done, that does not mean that you can make a full stop to the management process. Doing post-event activities like generating reports and drawing analytics from the event attendance software can help you understand your attendee demographics and sales, among others. This is important for you to gain insight, learn from your mistakes, and prepare for a better event in the future.

Sign Up for a Yearly Plan

If you are an event organiser who continually invests in an event management software, try to sign up for a yearly plan instead of paying per event. This does not only let you save more money, it will also assure you of extended customer support. Do this after you have found a highly functional software that you would like to keep for long-term.

Teach Team Members How to Use the Software

Your knowledge as the event organiser is indispensable. If software use involves multiple team members, you should be able to teach them the fundamentals on how to run the event attendance software. Impart to them the know-how that you have gained through the vendor demo and let them understand how the software can help them do things faster. A registration website and check-in app for example require crucial training for team members. You would not want your members to scramble on the day of the event because they do not know how to use the event attendance tracking software.