Qualities of a Good Event Attendance Tracking Software


An event attendance tracking software is necessary for you to consolidate sales reports and guest lists. If you are still using paper and pen processes to organise your event’s attendance, it is high time that you try to look for solutions that will automate the process. By using a conference management software, as an example, you will be given peace of mind as registration becomes faster and free from human error. Here are three qualities of a reliable event attendance software:

  1. Designates different labels for your attendees

A highly optimal event attendance tracking software will allow you to designate different labels for your attendees. There is really no one-size-fits-all treatment when it comes to events since your attendees come from different backgrounds and have different goals. A good software will allow you to categorise them according to their function during the event. Are they visitors? Exhibitors? Sponsors? Make sure that you can make these distinctions when looking for an event registration software.

  1. Automatically syncs to the database

Secondly, a well-built event attendance tracking software should automatically sync to your database through the internet. There is no point investing in a software that has to be installed in a computer and which cannot be shared to your team members. Through a web-based solution that automatically syncs to your database, your team can access updated information for so long as you are all connected to the internet. The software will automatically sync recent changes in terms of the guest list, confirmed attendees, checked-in attendees, and your event management website.

  1. Allows VIP notifications

Last but not the least, a good event attendance tracking software will allow VIP notifications. There will always be attendees in your event that deserve the VIP treatment. A good software will log their names in one list. During the day of the event, the software should also inform you that certain VIP guests have already checked-in at your venue through apps for events.